Shipping fees and Cemetery setting fees are not included in the above cost. 


General Information: 

Price includes:  Cast raised letters ande emblems (Unless otherwise noted throughout this price list). 

1.  A Bronze cast raised memorial mounted on a polished top, blunt edges, sides and bottom sawed to approximate 3" thick granite base. 4" thick base is available when requested.  

2.  The Following:  The name, birth and death date.  A maximum of the standard emblems on the bronze memorial. 

3.  Choice of color and letter style.  Standard colors:  Light Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Brown, Rose Red, Emerald Green, Black and Vet.

                                                    Standard letter styles:  Oval, Flat, Traditional Text and Vet Flat.

4.  Cast raised inscriptions up to six (6) words in standard english, Vietnamese or Hebrew lettering.  $19.50 for each additional word. 

5.  Your Bronze is a 24" X 14" top with a Granite base 28 X 18 X 4".  Standard granite shades to choose from without paying additional for other colors are as follows: 

      Mesabi Black, Moonlight Gray, Royal Mahogany, Royal Mountain Red, Sierra White, Sunset Beige and Texas Pearl.  Also available and for an additional cost, you can have granite shades such as Rustic Mahogany, Sunset Red, Charcoal Black, Colonial Rose, Camelion, Mesabi Black Select, Academy Black, Diamond Pink, St. Cloud Gray and Wausau Red. 


Shipping fees and Cemetery setting fees are not included in the above cost.  Those prices are subject to location of cemetery and cost of fees the cemtery will require for installation of memorial marker/monument and or receiving cost.

Most cemteries have a setting fee cost of between .35 per square inch and up to $1.00 per square inch.  A cemetery Marker/Monument approval form will need to be signed by purchaser and lot owner of said grave.  We will need to have the gravesite information such as Section, Lot, Space, Unit and Block of grave.


Current Stock:
1,000,000.00 LBS
28.00 (in)
4.00 (in)
18.00 (in)

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